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Spain, Hungary, Japan down on economy

Tuesday 26 July 2011 - by Nicola York

Spain, Hungary, Japan and Italy are the most downbeat about the prospects for their economies according to a survey by pollsters Ipsos Mori.

In its latest Global Advisor survey which interviews over 18,600 adults in 24 countries, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and India topped the charts as having the most positive outlook on their economies.

Of the Saudi Arabian's surveyed, 89 per cent described the economic situation in their country as good while 76 per cent of Swedes, 71 per cent of Indians and 69 per cent of Canadians were also positive about their countries' prospects.

Spain and Hungary were bottom of the tables with just 6 per cent of the population positive on growth while only 8 per cent of Japanese and 10 per cent of Italians were upbeat.

France, the UK and the US were similarly pessimistic on their economic prospects with 12 per cent, 13 per cent and 19 per cent (respectively) of the population positive about the future.

Ipsos Mori spokesman Ashish Prashar says: "In the wake of the debt crisis it is no surprise that the British public remain among the most negative worldwide, along with a group of major European countries including Spain, Italy and France."

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