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Higher standards for HK synthetic ETFs
Tuesday 30 Aug 2011 | Andrew Hickley
Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission has announced it will enhance requirements for collateral and transparency of domestic synthetic exchange traded funds. From 31 October synthetic ETF...
UK-Swiss tax deal could lead to 'exodus'
Thursday 25 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
The British government has defended a landmark deal with Switzerland's government and banks which would see billions in evaded taxes returned to the UK by Swiss account holders. The deal,
Chinese ETF offers real choice says HK
Friday 19 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
The Chinese government is to start an exchange traded fund linked to Hong Kong stocks in a bid to boost cross-border investments. KC Chan, Hong Kong's financial secretary, speaking in a radio...
British business groups in FTT fight-back
Thursday 18 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
A Franco-German bid to introduce a European financial transaction tax has continued to draw criticism from the industry, with two leading British business groups the latest to round on the...
Australia rings changes to funds regime
Tuesday 16 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
The Australian government has laid out draft legislation to reshape its investment manager regime and bring it more into line with the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. The draft law, unveiled on...
Hong Kong will stick with US dollar peg
Monday 15 Aug 2011 | Norman Chan
Norman Chan, chief executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, takes issue with critics of the Chinese special administrative region's policy of pegging Hong Kong's currency to the US dollar. No change is on the horizon, he insists.
Does the answer to hackers lie in our youth?
Wednesday 10 Aug 2011 | Regulation Mutters
Hackers and rioters seem to be ruling the somewhat anarchic headlines these days. Whether it is phone hacking within the Murdoch media empire, rioting over the economy in Greece and the UK...
Prospects for Asian securities markets
Wednesday 10 Aug 2011 | Koichiro Miyahara
Though Asian markets weathered the global financial crisis well, equity markets remain small and vulnerable to foreign capital inflows and outflows, which makes the continuing development of a bond market essential according to Koichiro Miyahara, senior executive officer at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group.
Govts vow to take 'all necessary' actions
Monday 8 Aug 2011 | Will Henley
Governments around the world have urged increased coordination following Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade US sovereign debt and continuing fears over Spain and Italy. As Asian and Pacific...
EC: All options open as crisis escalates
Friday 5 Aug 2011 | Andrew Hickley
The European Commission says it will consider "all possible options" to solve the eurozone crisis after Thursday saw huge market falls around the world due to fears of debt contagion and weak...
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