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Industry urges EU to miss 2013 OTC goal
Wednesday 18 Jan 2012 |
The EU should scrap the deadline for OTC derivatives reforms to ensure enough time is dedicated to drafting efficient technical measures, a group of trade associations have urged.
FTT could hit new member states harder
Wednesday 18 Jan 2012 | Jiri Krol
A financial transaction tax will have a different impact on individual member states and may hit newer union members especially hard, says Jiri Krol, director of government and regulatory affairs at the Alternative Investment Management Association.
FDIC finalises living wills for big banks
Wednesday 18 Jan 2012 |
The biggest US banks will be required to demonstrate to regulators how they would split up their assets if they were to fail.
HKMA relaxes RMB bank regulations
Wednesday 18 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
The Hong Kong financial watchdog says conditions are "ripe" to relax regulation on banks trading the Chinese renminbi currency in a bid to make HK an offshore RMB business centre.
Big US banks set for annual stress tests
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 |
The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation has put forward draft proposals that will see banks with over $10bn (€7.8bn) in assets being subjected to mandatory stress tests each year.
Schulz elected leader of EU Parliament
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
German MEP, Martin Schulz has been ushered in as the new president of the European Parliament until mid-2014.
Requirements for OTC trades released
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 |
Data that should be collected by trade repositories to reveal more about OTC derivatives markets has been released by an international task force.
Is the 'Magritte' Syndrome behind the EU FTT?
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 | Astrid Pieron & Charles-Albert Helleputte
An FTT will not achieve financial stability and will simply be passed onto consumers, argue Astrid Pieron, partner, and Charles-Albert Helleputte, counsel, at Mayer Brown law firm.
ECB stats: Eurozone banks disappearing
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Almost a quarter of the monetary financial institutions in the euro area have vanished over the past decade, according to European Central Bank statistics.
Draghi: EU banks to monitor US exposure
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Mario Draghi has warned of strains in the US dollar funding markets which could have an "adverse systemic impact" on EU banks' solvency, saying this should be monitored.
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