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Davos 2012: The great transformation?
Tuesday 24 Jan 2012 | Eleanor Lavan
Ahead of Davos, Eleanor Lavan of the British Bankers' Association says the sweeping regulatory changes that the UK has initiated in recent months must be matched by other countries to ensure global recovery.
Driving business innovation from regulatory pressures
Monday 23 Jan 2012 | Claire Paisley and David FitzGerald
Innovation and regulation are words that are not often strongly correlated in any sector - let alone the financial services industry - but this can change, according to Claire Paisley and David FitzGerald of Baringa Partners.
Firms reluctant to tweet due to regulation
Monday 23 Jan 2012 |
Financial services firms are unwilling to use social media sites such as Twitter because of compliance issues and the potential regulatory backlash it could cause, according to new research.
France & Germany want lighter Basel III
Monday 23 Jan 2012 |
French and German officials are reportedly set to call for the international Basel III rules to be watered down to prevent lending to the real economy being throttled.
Basel: Measures for 'all' systemic firms
Friday 20 Jan 2012 |
Extra requirements could be imposed for a range of systemically important firms, including central counterparties, insurers and domestic banks, according to the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision.
Senators urge SEC on political spending
Friday 20 Jan 2012 |
Senators have called on the Securities and Exchange Commission to use its authority to force corporations to disclose their political spending in a bid to raise transparency.
Resolvable insurers cannot be Sifis
Thursday 19 Jan 2012 | Patrick M Liedtke
Recovery and resolution mechanisms already exist in the insurance industry and the orderly failure of insurers does not lead to systemic disruption, says Patrick M Liedtke, secretary general and managing director of the Geneva Association.
Industry urges EU to miss 2013 OTC goal
Wednesday 18 Jan 2012 |
The EU should scrap the deadline for OTC derivatives reforms to ensure enough time is dedicated to drafting efficient technical measures, a group of trade associations have urged.
Schulz elected leader of EU Parliament
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
German MEP, Martin Schulz has been ushered in as the new president of the European Parliament until mid-2014.
ECB stats: Eurozone banks disappearing
Tuesday 17 Jan 2012 | Karina Whalley
Almost a quarter of the monetary financial institutions in the euro area have vanished over the past decade, according to European Central Bank statistics.
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