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2012: The year to correct audit and CRD IV failings
Wednesday 21 Dec 2011 | Ian Welch
Overhauling controversial audit proposals and ensuring that the landmark CRD IV measures safeguard Europe's long-term financing culture are likely to be key issues for regulators in 2012 after a frantic year, says Ian Welch, head of policy at the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
HMRC slated after 'cosy' tax deals
Tuesday 20 Dec 2011 |
A committee of British MPs has published a scathing report into tax authority HMRC, accusing it of presiding over "cosy" deals that let firms such as Goldman Sachs off millions in unpaid tax.
MPs to hold hearing on UK veto
Friday 16 Dec 2011 |
UK MPs are to hold an inquiry into the eurozone crisis and David Cameron's veto of the new EU treaty and have invited chancellor George Osborne and foreign secretary William Hague to give evidence at the hearing.
HMRC probed on Goldman Sachs tax deal
Thursday 15 Dec 2011 |
A former high court judge has been tasked with investigating deals between UK authorities and firms that saw billions of pounds eliminated from the tax bills of companies including Goldman Sachs.
Davies on London vs the eurozone
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 | Howard Davies / Project Syndicate
Howard Davies, former chairman of Britain's Financial Services Authority, says David Cameron's veto was a 'big gamble', given that the UK now appears to be shuffling towards the EU exit.
In focus: Controlled foreign companies overhaul
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 | Jonathan Hornby
The UK is to see some of the most sweeping reforms to its foreign controlled company regime since the 1980s, writes Jonathan Hornby, senior director at law firm Alvarez & Marsal Taxand, with knock-on effects for banks and other financial firms.
Two-thirds of city executives back veto
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 |
Two thirds of senior executives at financial firms in Britain back Prime Minister David Cameron's decision to veto a new European treaty on Friday, even if it ends up reducing their access to the EU single market.
Hong Kong 'world's top financial centre'
Wednesday 14 Dec 2011 |
Hong Kong has usurped New York and London as the world's most developed financial centre, according to a report by the World Economic Forum.
MEPs blast Britain over 'blackmail' bid
Tuesday 13 Dec 2011 |
Senior EU parliamentarians have lashed out at the UK for trying to "blackmail" the rest of the European Union into accepting an opt-out on financial regulations for the City of London.
Hoban: 'Light-touch' regs led to RBS fall
Tuesday 13 Dec 2011 |
The UK's Treasury minister says that a "catalogue" of regulatory failures led to the near collapse of one of the world's largest banks, blaming the "light-touch" approach of the previous government.
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